“Our Comptroller Must Serve as a Real Check and Balance on One-Party Democrat Rule”

First Hispanic New Yorker to Run on Republican Line for the Office of Comptroller

New York, NY Global financial expert Paul Rodriguez today announced his candidacy for New York State Comptroller. Paul Rodriguez has several decades of experience funding, financing, and investing money at some of the world’s most widely recognized financial institutions. Paul is the first Hispanic New Yorker to run for the Office of Comptroller on the Republican line. He will be officially nominated at the Republican and Conservative Party conventions in the coming days.

Paul brings to the race a deep background in the world of finance ranging from major multinational corporations to advising small businesses. As a political outsider from the private-sector, Paul is running to professionalize the Office of the Comptroller and serve as a much-needed watchdog for New York taxpayers and the state’s $212 billion budget.

“New York ranks worst in the nation in every economic category from the highest taxes to the worst place to retire,” said Mr. Rodriguez. “Our next comptroller must serve as a reality check and balance on one-Party Democrat rule and their out-of-control socialist spending. I will break up the cozy, corrupt cabal in Albany and bring my private-sector experience to serve as a true watchdog for New York’s taxpayers.”

Mr. Rodriguez was born in Queens and spent ten years of his childhood living in Puerto Rico. Spanish is his first language. He served on Wall Street for more than 25 years at various leading firms, including Salomon Brothers, Merrill Lynch, UBS, BBVA, and ANZ. He began his career as an equity research analyst, later transitioning to credit analysis and eventually becoming a global banker working with multinational corporations in the United States and internationally.

Paul is a past Executive Board member of the Manhattan Hispanic Chamber of Commerce and the Brooklyn-Kings County Hispanic Chamber of Commerce. He studied at Northwestern University, where he served as a Midshipman in the Naval ROTC. He earned a Bachelor of Arts in Economics and a Certificate in Global Policy Studies at the University of Georgia. He also completed a Fellowship in Economics at Stanford University. He lives in Brooklyn with his wife of 17 years (Rocio) and two of his three daughters, aged 10 (Natalia) and 14 (Ana Sofia). His oldest daughter, aged 26 (Gabriela), lives in Puerto Rico.