I am running for State Comptroller because I love New York. I want to make the empire state more affordable for hardworking taxpayers and the financial climate business-friendly.


New York is facing a deep fiscal and economic crisis. Too many people are living paycheck-to-paycheck with very little savings in reserve. Businesses that once thrived in our state and provided well-paying jobs, stability, and a good standard of living to New Yorkers have left due to high taxation, an erosion of services, and a decline in public safety. The once-thriving middle-class is now burdened with a high cost of living exacerbated by an increasingly bloated and over-intrusive government. And while these problems existed before the pandemic, they are now worse.


Regardless of your zip code, many New Yorkers are forced to live in crime-ridden neighborhoods due to the progressive policies that have overtaken the Democrat Party. But it doesn't have to be this way.


I have a vision of a common-sense New York and will use the power of the office to be a champion for taxpayers and protect their hard-earned money through:​

Real Government Accountability

New York state government has failed to stand up for hardworking taxpayers. It takes unwavering courage and discipline to hold the government accountable. When I'm State Comptroller, I will stand up against corruption, pay-to-play politics, and the wasteful spending that increases the annual budget leading to fewer services received by New York residents. I will fulfill my oath of office and use my authority to hold public officials accountable regardless of the political party.​​

Exposing Major Corruption & Waste

The hard-earned tax dollars of the working class support an annual state budget that now stands at $220 billion, which is not sustainable in an inflationary environment that is shrinking household budgets. As State Comptroller, I will implement a bold approach to investigating fraud, waste, and abuse. To save New York from fiscal ruin, I will use the auditing power of the state comptroller's office to root out incompetence and corruption, regardless of the political party, and I will work diligently to ensure New York residents are not overtaxed.​

Professionalizing Pension Management

The current political environment is subject to the changing winds of public opinion, which is not a sound basis for making long-term investment decisions. The comptroller must avoid activism and remain genuinely independent. The comptroller has a fiduciary duty to allocate state pension assets ethically and prudently to maximize investment returns for pension holders. I believe that political ideology should not influence pension plan management. It is irresponsible to use pension assets as a political tool to fund pet projects or promote social agendas.​

Greater Transparency

New York State is potentially on the hook for more than $200 billion in unfunded pension and other retiree benefits. The state government has largely overlooked this risk and seems inclined to defer the problem indefinitely. As State Comptroller, I will provide greater transparency about our state's financial obligations and work diligently to address any expected shortfall.

Increased Budgetary Oversight

I believe that the Comptroller should take a proactive role in the state budget process to ensure good stewardship of the taxpayers' hard-earned money. As State Comptroller, I will provide increased oversight at every stage of the process. I will also seek to expose harmful policies and wasteful spending before any budget is passed. The Comptroller must be proactive in overseeing the annual budgetary process that is often delayed and increasingly leads to out-of-control spending.​

Investing in New York

The State Comptroller should use the Office's contracting and investment authority to support and expand the state's economic base. The Comptroller should not erode the growth of well-paying jobs and destroy local industries to serve a political agenda. I will reverse New York's economic decline by tackling the bread-and-butter issues that impact working-class residents, attracting large corporations to create jobs, and empowering small businesses to thrive. I believe in making life more prosperous for all New Yorkers.


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